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Yay for a gallery with a sense of humor. The owners are curators of contemporary designs oozing from Hollywood and the sci-fi industry. It’s a way station for serious artists with the same sensibilities as Harold Golden Gallery.

During my visit, the walls were hung with portraits of working people. And one queen. Except each figure had a simian head, frozen in time with a facial expression more expected of humans than apes.

Art books are available for purchase. The ubiquitous, glacially cool gallery furnishings are here too. Two red leather, vintage couches sit face to face in a conversation-invoking vignette.

I particularly liked the tongue in cheek gallery sign, It’s clearly an outdated Holiday Inn highway sign, complete with a star. Such a ripoff is totally in the tradition of Warholian pop, where somebody else’s design is free game for the taking, and then given a twist.

Jamie R.

Naples, FL.

Wondering where all the original and inspired PanAm regalia has gone, the light bulb arrows pointing to Harold Golen Gallery is a start. The gallery hosts a rotating showcase of pop and vintage culture and the current residency is paying homage to jet set glamor.

A fun pitstop if you’re on the Second Saturday circuit!

Monica S.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you love Lowbrow Art/Pop Surrealism you’ll Harold Golen Gallery.

Emmy A.

New York, NY.

Beautiful every design, all the colors together made a special atmosphere in this cozy store, price moderate.

Maria Josefina D.

Miami, FL.

The place to purchase lowbrow on the East Coast! Owner is great and loves what he does!

Christie W.

Birmingham, Alabama.

I always stop in here during ArtWalk… it is not to be missed if you are a fan of 1950’s “atomic age” art. There is always something unique to look at in this tiny space!

Sharon W.

Miami Beach, FL.

Three words for ya: Garbage Pail Kids!

You remember them right? Back around 4th or 5th grade, GPK cards came out as the gross-out alternative to Cabbage Patch Kids. With names like Adam Bomb and Glandular Angela they weren’t on most parents favorites list. But they didn’t really throw them away on us..instead they donated them to the Harold Golen Gallery. That’s right, HGG has a long running exhibit of them as well as sci-fi noir exhibits in a packed living-room like space.

Check out the tiki torches and jazzy-funky-bluesy band playing outside during Second Saturdays, right on the painted sidewalk pavers. Chances are there’s also a food truck or 2 outside the gallery.

Don’t forget to check out the Martian sculpture inside!

Sergio F.

Miami, FL.

They showcase a lot of subculture pieces or vintage pop themed creations. They also use the space to introduce alternative noise and muscial artists. Check out their website and get on their mailing list to get invited to their various openings and parties and get the full scoop.

Marcos R.

Miami, FL.

Absolutely top gallery in Miami. I’m so in love with this place. A must visit.

Claudia D.

Miami, FL.

A wonderland of brilliant art and fascinating visuals.

MeduSirena Marina

Fort Lauderdale, FL.

One thing is certain… you can’t miss the “Harold Golen” sidewalk signage to welcome you in. It’s designed to point you into the gallery and built on to a mini-replica of the old vintage “Holiday Inn” hotel street sign. A drum set and other band instruments were set in front of the storefront windows, but hadn’t begun to play until after i left.

The gallery is small but quaint, manned by a couple of loud and sillyish gentlemen. It’s okay to be a small gallery but the entrance was rearranged like a narrow walkway but it was a bit to narrow (had trouble passing a lady with a baby carriage).

For this Second Saturday, the gallery was showcasing works of art by Rob Reger.

Like all works of art showcased in the past here, it’s edgy and draws you in. The works by Rob Reger on this date were named Encyclopedia of Hallucinations East. Difficult to describe but think of monsters ghouls and ghosts drawn together and the more you stare the more you notice how much more detail goes into these designs. Each piece is done with multiple shades of one color and here and there an additional color may be brought in… Be sure to check out the associated pictures.

Interestingly the walls around the groups of paintings were painted in the same style as the paintings themselves (very creative way to present these work).

Glenn G.

Fort Lauderdale, FL.

I enjoyed this gallery. Good variety of coffee table books for sale. Small area but the displays are perfectly placed. Alot of interesting pop-art.

Victoria R.

Palm Beach, FL.

The exquisite taste of curator and gallery owner , Harold Golen will light up your life with a beautiful big eye on pop- surrealism, modern and vintage treasures and more surprises that are indescribable and spectacular….to sum it up in one word… JOY.

Kier K.

Brooklyn, NY.

A wonderful gallery! Always fun ,surprising and the highest of quality.

Peter G.

Deerfield Beach, FL.

Harold Golen Gallery

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